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Dedicated to Teaching Confident Swimmers with Great Technique

About us


Welcome to SwimPerfect. My passion is for swimming and I have fortunately (and with a lot of hard work!) been able to convert my passion into a friendly and successful swim school. Children from 3 years and upwards come and join us for a weekly lesson which focuses on safety, activity and fun.

All lessons follow SwimEngland's Learn to Swim Stage 1-8 Award Scheme. I believe its important to focus on the individual swimmers so only have groups of 4 or sometimes fewer, which makes for a friendly and encouraging experience.  During the early stages instructors are in the water to encourage water confidence and safety and they make sure these lessons are full of toys and games too.

As swimmers progress through the stages the aim shifts to developing good stroke technique, water safety technique and fitness as they achieve further distances. 


I have a hand-picked team of enthusiastic and qualified instructors, all with the shared focus of encouraging swimming for life. Instructors continually assess children during their lessons and work on developing the necessary strokes and stamina.

Formal assessments are undertaken at regular intervals with the aim of awarding swimmers badges or certificates to encourage their development. Parents are also given regular reports so they can work with the instructors to help in their child's development. 


It doesn't stop there... we offer private and group lessons for a mixture of ages and abilities. From Swim England Stage 1 right through to swim squad or junior triathlon level.

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